No one ever said there was anything wrong with pampering yourself through the use of particular decorations in our bedroom. In fact, furniture and decor in your personal bedroom can easily imitate the luxuries found in the homes of celebrities. Inside your own personal space, you can feel free to use whatever decor you like, so why not create a celebrity style nook? Here are some accessories and furnishings that can make your room equivalent to many of those found in Hollywood.

If you watch television shows that take you through celebrity homes, you'll find that many famous women have day beds and canopy beds. Even on a limited budget and with limited space you can create a celebrity-style bedroom that resembles this. If you have a small room to work with, opt for a canopy twin bed, saving space while still pimping out the room. If you can't afford a true canopy bed, create one of your own, all it takes is some wooden dowels to create the posts and the crossbars on top, then some inexpensive gauze-like or lace material from the nearest fabric store.