Are you ready to add some color to your home but really do not know where to start? Do you still have a bit of stage fright about choosing a color? Have no fear, there are easy and stress free ways to add color to your home even if it's your first time. Start with just small bursts of one color. Sometimes all you need are a few accessories. A large decorative pillow, throw and large vase or plate in the same color tone will make a dramatic statement. Put the color on the floor. You can keep paint, furniture and accessories neutral but purchase a throw rug in a vibrant hue. That will instantly draw the eye down and make the room pop. Art is a great way to bring in your favorite color. You can keep the rest of the room neutral and go bold with wall hangings. A twist on that would be to use black and white photos or etchings and paint the frames in a lively color.

Paint is a quick way to add color. You do not have to paint the entire room an accent wall can make a huge impact. Choosing that color can be daunting for some, but it doesn't have to be. Many paint stores offer small tubes of sample colors for purchase. Pick up a few and place them in medium sized blocks on the same wall. Make sure to keep a couple of inches of space between them. Then view the colors during different parts of the day & evening. It's amazing how different it can look from the morning with natural light and at night with accent lighting. This will give you a true sense of the paint color and help to make your decision in choosing a bit easier.