Many home decorators around the world use a country theme for at least one room in their home. Whether they desire a country kitchen or cozy country family room, there is a wide array of options for today's country decorator. Most country décor doesn't have to cost a small fortune.

One very popular type of country décor is Americana. Americana décor consists of varying shades of red, white and blue. The Americana theme can be dressed up with decorative plates, stars, stripes, boxes and sentiments such as "Love, Faith, Hope," just to name a few. Garland is a great wall or tabletop display for nearly every country theme and star garland is ideal for the Americana theme. Many people like to make use of quilts as wall hangings, table cloths or throws.

Muted colors add a very warm feel to almost any décor. Country blues, pale greens, mauves and taupe are excellent color choices for your country theme. Using barn stars, baskets and candles can add a very lovely touch to the country themed room. Barn stars come in a variety of colors and in materials from rough or painted wood to rusted or painted metals. Of course other décor will help determine what type of barn star you go with.