Decorating with plants is a great way to breathe life into your home without spending too much money. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of plants inside your house along with tips on different ways you can use plants to brighten up your space and how you can maintain them.

The Benefits of Plants

Cleaner Air
All indoor plants will clean your air and act as a natural filter, but some do the job a little better than others. Typically ivies, poinsettias, palms (lady palms and areca palms), peace lilies, Boston ferns and spider plants are great at improving the air quality in your environment.

Reduced Humidity Levels

Plant transpiration works to create an indoor humidity level that's ideal for humans. Remember, if the air's too dry, you're vulnerable to flu and colds, but if it's too humid, it can be uncomfortable or cold. Through transpiration and evaporation, indoor plants help to regulate the humidity in your home, keeping it at an ideal level.

Reduced Noise Levels

Plants can actually absorb, reflect and diffract sound. While this difference is more noticeable in environments with hard surfaces and harsh corners, plants can and will diffuse noise and loud echoes. The Peace Lily and the Sweetheart Plant are both good examples of plants that can diffuse sound.