Choosing paint colors for your home may seem difficult, but in fact it really is quite simple. Your first step should always be determining exactly what you are planning to paint. For example, if you were painting a car you probably would not want to paint it rust colored. This is the same concept for your home; consider your color choices carefully since you will be looking at it for a long time. You want something that you enjoy, and if possible inspires you or even helps you to relax.

Let us assume for a moment that you are painting the outside. One of the key things you need to look at is the color of the homes around you. However, if you are painting inside you would want to look at the rooms and the style of the furniture in the room. Typically, someone is not going to be interested in painting their home hot pink or even electric blue unless it would blend in with either the other homes around them, or blend with the other rooms in their home. While it is good to express your individual style, you should select a color that will help emphasize your home, rather than draw attention to it for all of the wrong reasons.

Once you have looked at the colors around the area you are wanting to paint, regardless of whether it is inside or outside it is very important to start looking at various colors that interest you that will also blend in well with those around you. For example, blues and yellows coordinate well together, and if you are feeling especially bold and bright, you could even mix shades of red and blue together wonderfully. The choices and options are almost limitless, but if you are willing to coordinate colors carefully, you can choose almost any color in the rainbow to paint with.