I know this may sound harsh but Vanessa and I both agree that you should get rid of it all because none of it really works in this space, nothing is really 'helping' you out. And all these little tables and storage cabinets make the room feel smaller than it really is. I think the black weighs the room down and the corner piece is not only taking up the space, but it's blocking your beautiful windows and the sunlight. I'd love to see you put in a desk that runs along the same wall that your computer cabinet is currently on and over it, some art and an inspiration board (like this) where you can pin up some of the things you currently keep on the interior doors of your cabinet. For a desk, opt for something in a medium wood or white that has visible legs vs. a solid 'box' bottom without legs because it will give the room a lighter feel. I can't tell how high your windows are from the floor but I can predict that you couldn't put a desk across that wall, so why not try a wall-to-wall window seat painted in white with box window-seat cushions in your favorite print. You could have the benches with either storage beneath (with doors) or they could lift up and you could put things inside. Swap out the black leather task chair for something a little more interesting, maybe a vintage find like this cane chair with a chartreuse seat.