Some great ideas for bathroom accessories that add comfort and functinality to a bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom to make it more beautiful is a really great idea, but keep in mind that a bathroom has to be functional above all else. Proper bathroom accessories will help to make the room as functional as possible and even give you extra room and storage. Bathroom accessories can be items that you install while you are doing the renovation, or items that you add once the renovation is complete. Here are some you may want to think about.

Installing a beautiful tub or shower is one thing, but if it does not have a place where you can keep you shampoo, soap, body wash and other items, it is not too practical. Trying to balance these on the tub side will make your shower or bath a chore. You can have a bathroom caddy that is a simple contraption that hangs over the shower head, or you can have a large one installed right into the wall. The tiles in a bathroom are especially designed to be able to withstand the moisture in a bathroom. Just because they have to have this feature doesn't mean that they have to be uncomfortable, however. Hard, cold tiles are not the most fun to step onto after the shower, so you may consider putting an electric floor under the tiles. Of course, you have to do this before the tiles have been installed. A cheaper alternative to a heated floor in the bathroom is a heated towel rack. This is a simple but luxurious feature that can make bath time much more comfortable and appealing. Instead of facing the chill of the room after a warm shower or bath, wrap yourself in a nice warm towel!