Whether the kitchen in your rental is large or small, it can always be enhanced by selecting complimentary kitchen accessories such as accents.

The key to making your kitchen accessory work for you instead of against you will be in deciding the quantity and overall theme of your space. Knowing your decorating style will help you in selecting the specific type of accessories to be placed on counters and walls. Refer to your folder of magazine clippings to help you decide. Don't limit yourself to the ordinary take the time to be creative. Some of the most pleasing kitchen designs are sometimes the most unusual!

Start with a clean palette
To begin, clear off the counters, walls and refrigerator, leaving yourself a clean visual palette. Living a couple of days in a stark kitchen can help you to notice your living habits and which spaces you use most often. Have NOTHING on your counter smaller than a microwave and NOTHING on your floors. This will help you to see things clearly when it's time to re-place your accessories.

The selection table
You probably have a good idea of the types of features your style incorporates. Put all your accessories together and group them on a table (if they are larger than the table just have them in the same general area). Be sure you categorize them by color, size or style. This will give you a birds-eye view of your choices to see how they work together. You may find that objects you thought worked great - really don't ! This can also give you an idea of what you may still need to purchase.