When deciding on building your own sun room enclosure, it is vital to know the purpose for which you will be utilizing the room. Any sun room can have a variety of uses including bedroom, bathroom, spa, recreation room, kitchen room, attic, or even office space. You will need different construction methods and different furniture for each of the sun room usage.

You should give thought to a few points before installing sun room additions. Place the windows towards facing the South. The South shown by the needle of the compass can vary from the solar south. Thus place the windows in tandem with the suns movement. Generally walls and ceilings made from glass consist of the sun room additions.

However, depending on the climatic zone you reside in, it may be different. If you live in place that gets maximum sun light, you may go for partial coverings of glass or make just the sunroom walls of glass. Likewise, if you face a lot of snow where you live, you may go for partial glass roofing for your ceiling. You can put skylights to receive extra rays of the sun inside the house. You may also desire to bind the entire area with glass if you are going to put bath tubs in the room for an ambience like a spa. If you want to make your sunroom have the appearance of a real room, then you can also place knee walls through which you can easily run electrical wires.