Most homes and apartment walls in not only the United States but also around the world, are in most instances painted white. What is, agreeably, nice about the color white is the way it adds a sense of spaciousness in a room, not to mention the fact that it is relatively easy to add to it from one decor to another. It comes as no surprise therefore that the world of kinetic art, pictures and sculptures has tremendously increased the decorating options that can be applied to adorn a white washed wall. This article will look at how pictures in motion can uniquely transform and add character to a white wall as compared with traditional static wall hangings.

Pertaining to motion, the word kinetic in art as projected through drawings and sculpture, probably rose to fame in large kinetic sculptures displayed in public places like those created by Ralfonso Gschwend. Gschwend, a designer of environmentally interactive, kinetic, light and sound sculptures that interact with the environment such as wind and water, may have set in motion what has now transcended into kinetic art finding its rightful place in the modern home.

Regardless of the texture of your walls, and whether flat paint, or a glossy finish was used, kinetic pictures wall decor stands out beautifully against light surfaces. And above all, as if to add a new dimension to art in the 21st century, these impressive pieces depicting the outdoors come complete with sound and motion. Needless to say, they can present a very classy look and ambiance to even the most modest of homes. Kinetic pictures wall decor is becoming easier to find both online and off, yet this art form still remains exclusive in that it is not mass produced. The positive side, undoubtedly, unlike the way mass produced wall hangings would provide pieces identical to that of your neighbors, kinetic wall hangings are in themselves unique and relatively inexpensive. And what would appear to add icing to the cake is the wide array of 3D moving pictures that are available. Depicting exotic backdrops like waterfalls, virtual windows, stunning sunsets, city skylines complete with sounds that sooth, these cutting edge masterpieces of technology help to transport even the avid day dreamer into exotic territories afar.