When you want a unique look and feel in a room or your entire home, adding Antique Oriental rugs can create magic. Decorating with antique rugs give your interior decorating a lift that updates, revitalizes and beautifies your home, by combining contemporary flair, with classic elegance. Rugs can add dramatic color, a focal point, a warm look and protection for stone and hardwood floors without sacrificing visibility. The right choice can add lasting value to your living spaces.

Color is probably the most obvious aspect in choosing an antique carpet. When working with a room with a variety of color and patterns, a carpet with simpler colors and patterns can accent without conflicting. If the room has fairly neutral colors, choosing vibrant rugs with more intense pattern will brighten your atmosphere and add a splash of interest. If you have not chosen a color or pattern for your room, find the rug that you like and decorate around it. A hand-woven carpet is enough of an investment to make it worth creating the room around the rug as a focal point.

It is a good practice to add padding under the rug to keep it from sliding or bunching. Padding will also make it easier to clean and will prolong the life of your floor and rug. Most rug dealers can provide you with an appropriate pad for any carpet they sell.