One of the keys to a successful interior design project is to attend not only to the big items, but the smaller ones as well. Often referred to as 'finishing touches', these elements are crucial to making a space feel, and look completed.

Many times a client will contact me to report that they purchased all new furniture, but something 'is missing'. 99% of the time what is missing are the finishing touches.

So what are finishing touches? Generally speaking, finishing touches are decorative items that add color, texture, dimension and personality to a room. If chosen well, the finishing touches will reflect YOUR personality and essentially stamp the house as YOUR home.

Finishing touches can be defined as the following:

• Decorative window treatments such as window valances, or drapery
• Accessories for table tops, or mantel tops
• Artwork for the walls
• Mood creating lighting
• Area rugs
• Throw Pillows
• Decorative hardware on cabinets or dressers
• Plants; either live or artificial

Kitchens with high ceilings and associated 'pot shelves' above the cabinets are one of the most challenging spaces to decorate. The scale of the accessories needs to be appropriate for the height distance from the top of the cabinet to the ceiling. Placing small, interesting artwork, or low bowls in these spaces will not work well. Thought should also be given to the 'dust collection factor'. Although you might believe you will get out the ladder and dust off the space, reality is very often different. Silk plants should be used in moderation up in high spots as these are notorious dust collectors.