Every little girl lives in a fairy tale storybook world all her own, so why not help her bring that passion and creativity into her actual living environment?

A custom theme bed is the perfect way to set the stage for your little girl's fairy tale fantasy. Be it a modest forest hut or a decadent princess castle, it's now possible to make your little girl's bed stand out as the centerpiece of a whole storybook reality.

And with today's developments in creative carpentry there's no reason anymore for a bed to be just a bed. It can now be a full-fledged multi-functional magic kingdom where a little girl can not only get a good night's sleep filled with sweet dreams but where she can also frolic and play. Loft beds and canopy beds help add to the fairy tale mystique, as do multiple levels that allow her to climb, slide, and crawl around and through, allowing her multiple settings for the various scenes of her fairy tale romance adventure.

Custom bedding, drapery, and throw pillows can unify the theme, adding further splashes of magic to her fantastical realm, be they bedecked with images of her favorite fairy tale characters for her to share her dreams with or twinkling, shooting stars for her to make wishes by.

Fairy tale worlds are filled with vibrant colors and both the custom theme bed and the rest of room surrounding it should be filled with the same eye-catching vividness that fills her fantasies. Bright pinks, reds, blues, and yellows make a custom fairy tale bedroom come alive. Touches of glitter or other reflective surfaces will make more than her eyes sparkle - they'll make the whole room sparkle. And fancy borders in lace or floral molding or other such touches of simple elegance add both depth and enchantment to the overall atmosphere.