It should be needless to say that special needs kids deserve as much enjoyment and self-expression in their personal space as every other kid. And yet until recently it's seemed so difficult to find beds for special needs kids that were anything but sterile, utilitarian and ordinary. Fortunately, interior designers are finally starting to catch wind of this glaring need in children's bed design and have begun incorporating elements of fun, playfulness, and fantasy into custom special needs kid's beds.

Parents of special needs kids have complained for years that the only beds available to their children have been cribs and not beds. Not only are special needs cribs expensive and ugly, but they can also be humiliating and dis empowering for special needs kids older than toddler age who have enough to work through already without also having a bedroom that makes them feel like they're still an infant. Other past attempts at special needs beds just look like stalls and hospital beds, none of which inspire any sort of delight in the child forced to sleep there.

That's why custom special needs beds are such a welcome and attractive alternative. Now a special needs kid can have a custom castle bed, a custom race car bed, a custom tree house bed, a custom mansion bed, or any other custom fantasy bed they can imagine - just like their friends.