Glass tiles are perfect for your kitchen especially if you're thinking of having a contemporary or modern look. These provide a very clean and sleek look that will surely bring in lots of light into the area. Glass tiles are durable as well and are not very hard to maintain aside from what most people would think. Here are some design tips when using glass tiles.

There are different types of glass tiles and colors can vary from transparent to colored opaque. These acquire colors through mixed pigments in molten glass during manufacturing. The color and shade permeate within the tiles' body. During the firing method, a layer of pigment is fused to the tiles' surface. As a result, colors of them are permanent and well-protected against moisture. Color is generally uniform among batches of glass tiles. Clear glass tiles do not use any pigments and are simply molten then fired.

Glass tiles have many advantages. It is moisture-proof which makes it very useful and sturdy in the kitchen. It works best and is most commonly used in walls where it allows light to enter the area without heat.