Kitchen renovations can actually be pretty dangerous for beginners, I'm sure you've all heard the one about the woman that wanted to retile her kitchen. She did get the new tiles, however she also had to replace the entire kitchen and caused a gas leek. This resulted in a $30,000 bill, it would have been cheaper to hire professionals from the start! You may think that this will never happen to you, but how can you be sure? You may just be out shopping for window valance ideas, and the next thing you know you've hired a contractor!

Kitchen renovations are much more difficult than any other home renovation project. It's not as simple as putting up new wallpaper, it's something much more challenging. If you are only comfortable with home redesigning rather than home renovation then you should defiantly consider hiring a professional. As my dad always used to say, if a job's worth doing then it's worth doing well.

If you just want to change the tiles or cabinets in your kitchen then you should understand that the project is not going to expand. People get into trouble when they keep on adding to the project. If you want to do anything more serious than these projects then I would recommend you hire a professional. Kitchens age with time, it is normal for every kitchen to have to be replaced at one time or another.