Many people find it a good idea to use paintings and posters to change the look of their rooms. While it may be a costly affair to use originals, it is definitely possible to use prints of paintings that may be available at a fraction of the cost of the original. This means that you can definitely have a John Constable painting on your wall at an economic value.

When it comes to landscapes, you will find that a lot many amateur artists also begin their work with this topic. These people usually have very little workspace available and therefore decide to work in a workshop and use their imagination to get their landscapes done. One the other hand there is this line of so called 'Impressionists' who would actually do the painting on the countryside. The idea was to make their paintings as meaningful as possible and to bring that natural essence in it. Renoir and Monet fall into this category of Impressionists.

As for cultures, you will find that many cultures have a history of landscape paintings in them. This not restricted to any part of the world be it united states, Holland, France or Japan. What is clearly visible is that the artists that belonged to this era show a great influence of the culture and tradition prevailing then. These paintings therefore provide a glimpse of the natural beauty that existed during those times. Most of the topics revolved around themes like forest, oceans and the mountains.