Outdoor furniture gives your house a different appearance. It can be one of the first things that come into sight when there are visitors. They are the convenient chairs in which you can soak the sun during the cold winter days and get a tan during summer. No matter how well furnished your inside may look, if your out door furniture does not match it the entire look of the house is changed. Whether it's the furniture in your garden or porch, they all need maintenance. If you want good looking furniture that will last for life you have to take a little pain in taking care of your furniture.

There are small little things which you can do to repair the small damages to your furniture like cleaning and waxing preserves the paint or clear finish. The bare spots and cracks can be given touch ups from time to time instead of waiting to repaint all at once. It will also help keep the moisture out of the raw wood and give your outdoor furniture a longer life. If you spill anything on them, wipe it immediately instead of waiting as beverage spills can leave behind spots forever.

One of the simplest and effective ways to clean outdoor furniture is soap and water. Use mild soap and water to clean your furniture at least once a week. The air around the furniture settles in layers on the furniture leading to deposition of various dust and other particles. If they are not removed from time to time then it will result in a chemical reaction which may even rot your furniture. You can also use a pan of warm sudsy water and cloth or paper towels to clean the furniture and clean up the soapy water that may leave a soapy film on your outdoor furniture. Never wash bare wood as the water raises the grain and makes the wood uneven.