We head for the bathroom as soon as we get up, and sometimes our mood depends on the exterior and comfort of this room. One wants to make the visit to the bathroom the first pleasant moment of the starting morning. This article tells about methods of beautification of the non-residential premise that rouses a number of censures because of inconvenience of planning and minimum space. Our dear readers must have already guessed that in this article we will talk about bathrooms.

So, you have decided to change the appearance of your water closet. The first and the most important thing for you to know is that you can’t do without planning decisions. Simple relocation of sanitary ware equipment will not increase the amount of so needed space. Let us consider several variants of design of bathrooms for premises with small area. We offer for your consideration variants that use the system of installation. The essence of this system lies in moving the waste tank, pipes and fixture of the lavatory pan into the wall with the help of the special fixation system. As a result, there appears additional free space. You will easily be able to get to the farthest corner of the bathroom and keep the floor clean. Moreover, this technology enables to keep peace and quiet in your bathroom and neighbouring premises. Additional surfaces revealed by installation will be not only practical in terms of hygiene, but will also make your bathroom more modern and beautiful. Usage of non-standard elements and complication of form of the premise will also help to use the area rationally. For example, the sink, shower cabin or washing machine can be concealed in the niche of the wall. Very interesting is the variant, when the bath is located in the corner, diagonally, which vacates the space along walls and also makes the premise look elegant.