A beautiful home appeals to everyone irrespective of age, color, race and sex. A good looking house should essentially have a fabulous sitting arrangement also. The sofas and other furniture should be elegant and should match the color theme of the room. To provide higher degree of comfort to the folks sitting over the the sofa, cushions are placed. But the object which attracts the maximum admirers towards the sitting arrangement is none other than cushion covers. Beautiful as well as cozy, cushion covers infuse a unique fascination to the seating places.

The most important thing in cushion covers is the texture of the material from which they are made of. As much smooth and comfortable a cushion cover is relates to is its likability. Another important attribute of cushion covers is their aesthetic value. How well are they looking is most significant aspect as it attracts the person to sit on.

These days cushion covers are made in numerous designs, prints and stitches. Most of the products are handmade and the work done on them also is entirely by hands. We find prints like bagru prints, block prints and bandej on cushion covers. Similarly they are adorned by the intricate zariwork and mirror work for enhancement of beauty. Cotton, silk, satin, chiffon, velvet etc. are the fabrics that cushion covers are popularly made of.