Decorating can be just like picking an outfit to wear. Seasons can effect what is "in" and what is "out." So don't get caught off guard this Spring/Summer and pay close attention, as I am going to give you some tips for decorating your apartment this season.

Buckle Up!

Airy, Fruity Colors- Add some bright vibrant colors to your living room. Perhaps an orange lampshade and throw pillow, off set by a light green rug or throw blanket. Match the color of your accessories with a freshly painted and vibrant wall. Stop by your local flea market in search of bright colored vases or other colorful pieces to place throughout and radiate the warmth of spring.

Don't Forget The Bedroom- Wrap your beds headboard with a brightly colored fabric. it doesn't have to cover the whole thing, just part of it. Visit your local Target, Bed-Bath & Beyond, or other super store and pick out some "springy" new sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter. Have a big window in your bedroom? Cover it with a white sheer drape and then a brightly colored curtain.