When decorating, you'll find that your tastes in furniture, accents and colors will converge into a specific, although personalized, style. Following are some of the more common styles and their definitions.

Rustic furniture is commonly a simple style that is typical of country life. Generally made from hardwoods it is often un- or roughly finished. Read more on Rustic Style Home Decorating.

A truly personalized decorating style that combines furniture and accessories of various styles, textures, origins, and periods. Read more on Electic Home Decorating.

Traditionally styled furniture has a classic, elegant, and formal look. Comprised of dark polished woods, curves, carvings and deep, rich color, a traditional style typically follows a particular period fashion such as Regency, Tudor, or French Provincial.

Is a sunny, casual, heart-warming style of d├ęcor. Gingham and floral cottons, distressed and painted woods, ruffles, plump cushions and sofas, and soft furniture of pine and oak are hallmarks of this style.

Contemporary style lends a modern look to a room with clean lines, simple contours and bold colors as primary features. Glass, leather, slate and metal are typical components of often-uncomplicated pieces.

Remember decorating styles can also work as guide. Choose elements which you like and mix and match for your own individual style.