Your living room is the heart of your house, you express yourself in a sophisticated editing of your surroundings. Most important to you is the drama that you can achieve by eliminating clutter, you can lead the eye to the main event, whether that be a dramatically-lit sculpture, a fabulous rug or a fantastic piece of art.

Your carefully-planned look can be ruined by a messy stack of unread mail. Look critically at where you'll need storage and think creatively. Do you always drop the mail on the coffee table after you walk in the door? Perhaps you need a sleek console table in the entryway with a large ebony box to stash the mail in before you mess up the living room.

Don't detract from what's most important If you have a dynamite view, maybe you don't want to spoil it with any window treatment. If you have a gorgeous piece of art, spend a little on a contemporary light to add drama and give the art breathing room on the wall.

Sophisticated leathers and textures add interest to a contemporary living room.

If your coffee table is brushed stainless steel, don't buy brass lamps. When your incidentals are harmonious, the eye will be drawn to the drama that you create. In a small living room you may be starting with an asset. Small square footage can create an intimate living space.

Where to begin?
Firstly you should add architectural details. For example in small spaces, built-in cabinets and bookshelves are great for storage and they can make the room seem larger by accenting the vertical and horizontal lines. If you build floor-to-ceiling shelves you can add a focal point to the room.

Think out of the box: Try arranging your furniture on a room-widening angle. Instead of another chair, add an oversize ottoman. When not used as seating, it makes a grand and comfortable statement.