When you are considering renovating your bathroom you should defiantly consider replacing the bathroom cabinets, these are normally the only pieces of wood in your bathroom. The rest of the room is a sea of ceramic tiles and other rather boring materials. Bathroom cabinets are very important for the look and feel of your bathroom. There are some important things to bear in mind when you are deciding what actually gets space in your cabinet.

What to Store in the Medicine Cabinets

One of the most important cabinets in your bathroom will be the medicine cabinet, these are extremely useful and functional parts of your bathrooms. However storing your medicines in the bathroom isn't actually the best idea, the high temperature and humidity can destroy the delicate medicine. However you can use these cabinets to store soap, shaving foam and other grooming products. Cabinets that store within a recess in the wall look great but are much more difficult to install than ones that screw onto the wall.

The Vanity Cabinet

Another common form of bathroom cabinet is the vanity cabinet. These are the cabinets under your sink, you might think that they are vital however they're not actually that important. They're not really that good for anything. Closet space is often more accessible, and much easier to keep clean. Vanity cabinets are normally just installed to improve the look of your bathroom sink. If you do choose to install a vanity cabinet then be sure to buy one of high quality.